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Ever wonder what will happen to all those wonderful stories hidden within your photo albums and shoeboxes full of memorabilia? Here’s a special way to share and pass down those memories, and create a forever gift to your family.


What We do


We Listen
If it's time for you to tell your story, then we're here to listen to you. We usually spend twenty hours or more interviewing you. There are no set questions, but rather we have conversations.


We Learn
It’s never too early to start your memoir. We take your favorite stories, recipes, photos and other memorabilia to organize them with you and your family. We also digitize your family photographs.


We Find Your Voice
We help you tell your own story, in your own voice. Without the worries of organizing and editing yourself, we create a beautiful book to share with family, friends and future generations.


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My background is as a museum curator, and I often tell my clients that I am making an exhibit out of their lives. A curator researches and learns, culls and edits, writes and designs. All this, and more, is done when helping my clients create their memoir.

As their biographer, I help clients recapture and articulate in their own words their family traditions and key moments, with all their emotional peaks and valleys. While we sort through decades of photos and memories, a deep relationship is formed.

Some of my subjects don’t like the spotlight and are uneasy about being the protagonist of their own story. My job is to assure them that their stories and memories have meaning and value to the next generation. When my clients see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s faces as they pore over the pages of their book, the modesty seems to dissipate. Pride and legacy prevails.

My gift to my clients and their families is helping them preserve the essence of the person for future generations to know and love. It’s also my honor.

~ Nancy




Our Process with You

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Our process begins with knowing you and your story

The first consultation will be complimentary and will be followed by a written proposal outlining the scope of the project, the methodology, projected time schedule and the projected costs.

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A personal approach to business

Once we agree with the details, Memoirs Plus founder Nancy Kessler will work closely with you to interview, record and document your story. This may be done through collecting photographs, creating a family tree and spending hours asking you and your loved ones questions. We then collate all of this information into a beautiful book.

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We believe everyone’s story is unique

Pricing is done individually for each project, depending upon the scope. Please arrange for a phone call to discuss project prices.



We can arrange to work with clients long-distance by using computer technology (Skype, Facetime or other programs). This is especially helpful for families with relatives in far-away places.



Plan ahead and begin THE GIFT OF YOUR LIFETIME now! We customize each gift certificate with a photograph of your loved one.

Gifts for special occasions are a wonderful idea, but keep in mind it can be a lengthy process, with interviewing taking up to 20 hours.



Every project is unique. We will work with you to determine the exact type and style of book you desire.



We are now featuring Memoirs Lite and Chapters. Highlight a monumental birthday, anniversary or a vacation as a part of your story. This Special Promotion includes 10 hours of interviews and a 20-page photobook.

This is the perfect introduction to our services. Orders take a minimum of 8 weeks to produce.

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The PLUS in Memoirs Plus

The most difficult part of starting this business was naming it. When we settled on “Memoirs Plus” it was a joyous moment because now we had room to grow in many directions. As we finish each memoir, we’ve found that our clients often want to add in extra services, which are charged separately.

Here are some of our “Pluses.” Want more info? Just ask. Telling your life story is a big undertaking and we’re here to help!


* Audio Recordings

* Book Parties

* Classes in Memoir Writing

* Company Histories

* Cookbooks

* Designing

* Editing

* Family Vacation Prompt Package

* Gift Wrapping

* Intergenerational Prompt Package

* Interviews

* Large-Print Editions

* Memorials and Eulogies

* Provide Prompts for Family

* Reunions & Family Events

* Slide Shows

* Speaker

* Survivors’ Memoirs

* Transcriptions

* Videos

Every Memoir is Unique

About Memoirs Plus


Memoirs Plus founder Nancy Kessler has a passion for listening and capturing the essence of a life.

Nancy started collecting seniors’ stories at a very young age when she frequently visited her 90-year-old neighbor Mrs. Blanchet to enjoy her life stories.

Nancy’s interest in oral history and folklore blossomed and she eventually pursued a career in historical museums. After graduating Skidmore College and the Cooperstown Graduate Program, Nancy was a Curator at the Museum of the City of New York.

Before founding Memoirs Plus, Nancy was the Therapeutic Recreation Director for Atria Rye Brook (independent living facility) and Greenwich Adult Daycare (Alzheimer’s Adult Day Care). There she saw the need to engage independent seniors with sophisticated intellectual and creative activities, and devised the idea of helping them tell their life stories through the organizing and writing of a memoir.

Nancy serves on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Enterprise Development Center (WEDC) and is the founder of the WEDC Senior Providers’ Network. She is a frequent speaker for civic organizations and teaches Memoir Writing at various New York outlets, including the Scarsdale Adult School, the Pleasantville Senior Center and Bedford Hills Library.

The Memoirs Plus team

The Memoirs Plus team includes a wide range of freelance creative associates who Nancy Kessler may call upon to help with the creation of the books and “plus” elements. These talented people include art directors, photo editors, graphic designers, writers, transcribers, copy editors, book producers, video and slideshow producers, website designers, and event planners, among others. book producers, video and slideshow producers, website designers, and event planners, among others.


Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. For general inquiries or questions about our services, please fill out this form including a brief message. We will get back to you soon.

Memoirs Plus founder Nancy Kessler also is available for speaking, teaching classes and life events.

Please use this form to contact her.

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Nancy Kessler (center) leading a Memoir Writing class.

Nancy Kessler (center) leading a Memoir Writing class.

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