A Loving Memoir for Your Family
Ever wonder what will happen to all those wonderful stories hidden within your photo albums and shoe boxes full of memorabilia? Well, here’s a special way to share and pass down those memories, and create a forever gift to your family.
Nancy Kessler of MemoirsPlus lovingly crafts and preserves per- sonal histories by listening to people reminisce about their lives: capturing and documenting the stories. The final result is a one-of-a-kind keepsake book (or books) for the entire family.
Nancy devotes numerous hours engaging with her subjects, encour- aging conversation as it winds its way through their lives. This is a sharing of stories from childhood, of love and marriage and family, handed-down recipes, and recollections of times passed but remembered and hon- ored: whatever needs telling. 
Nancy sees firsthand how these memoirs, created for future genera- tions, are often more cherished by family members than other material items. 
A former curator at The Museum of the City of New York, Nancy is highly skilled at coaxing the story out of her clients. More often than not though, the stories come pouring out. Go to to learn more or contact Nancy at 914-261-0834 or via email: nancy@